Verdicts & Settlements


Police officer shot a 13-year-old boy who was playing cops and robbers with his friends; the boy was left paralyzed


Firm represented various victims of the Los Angeles Police Department / Rampart corruption scandal


Jury award in a dangerous condition case against the State of California


On behalf of a family who died in a car rollover fire


Police shooting involving an unarmed man who held his hands up during the shooting


On behalf of a family whose son was crushed to death by a 50-ton front loader at a recycling yard


On behalf of a family who lost their mother when a tow truck crashed into a bus stop


On behalf of a woman raped by an on-duty deputy employed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department


A man suffered major burns to his body while working at a construction site during a gas explosion


Police officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was walking down the street with a pellet gun; this settlement remains the largest against the County of Sonoma


On behalf of the children of a mentally ill man who was unlawfully shot and killed by deputies during a 5150 call for service


A stopped Jeep Cherokee was hit from behind killing two people


24m to Boy Paralyzed in LApD Shooting

LA pays 15m to settle boy’s police shooting

LA pays 1.9m to family of man fatally shot by police

Lawsuit of 20 yr old man fatally shot by lapd, run over by police car

Parents Call LAPD ‘Cowardly’ Killers

LAPD Fatally Shoots Stumbling, Mentally Ill Woman

Woman sues LAPD after falling out of moving patrol car

L.A. County To Pay $5.3 Million To Family Of Unarmed Man Killed By Deputies

Slaying Reveals clashing views of Sweeping Gang Injunction

Family Suing Sheriff’s Department over Treatment of Injured Artist

Los Angeles County settles for $5.3m in 2012 fatal police shooting lawsuit

Chronicle of a death untold: why witnesses to killings of Latinos by police stay silent

County Settles $1.9 Million Suit By Family Of Man Who Killed Himself During Swat Response

Federal Lawsuit Charges Sheriff’s Deputy Unconstitutionally Killed
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