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Here at Casillas & Associates, our attorneys are committed to all of our clients regardless of the type of case.

Civil Rights Violations

We are guaranteed fundamental rights by the Constitution of the United States of American and the Constitution of the State of California.  However, these rights are sometimes taken away from people by those who are supposed to be protecting them- the police. When this happens serious injury or even death can occur. We at Casillas & Associates fight for the preservation of these rights by going the extra mile to bring justice to our clients. Notably, our lead trial attorney, Arnoldo Casillas, has been recognized for his work in achieving a $24 million-dollar jury award against the Los Angeles Police Department.  This jury award stands as the largest single-party police shooting jury verdict against the City of Los Angeles.

Wrongful Death

Life is incredibly precious and no one is prepared for a loved one to suddenly pass. The hardships families go through — emotional, financial, and physical — are an immense weight to suddenly have on one’s shoulders. We are here to help get our clients and their families back on track.

Vehicular Litigation

Vehicular accidents are extremely common. When an accident happens, the victim usually wants to get their car repaired and any injuries are taken care of. Insurance companies will normally take their time on paying out insurance claims. Our attorneys are here to help speed up the process to secure just compensation for any injuries or damages suffered.


Personal Injury

Injuries can be caused by complete accidents or caused by negligence or defects. When it comes to serious injuries, no one is prepared. All of a sudden, patients incur large medical bills along with the physicality of their injury. When sustaining an injury, it is best to contact a lawyer sooner rather than later to expedite the process and help collect any amount that has been lost.

Medical Malpractice

We, as a society, place great trust on doctors, nurses, and hospitals to keep us safe and healthy. There are times, however, that these medical providers provide care that is negligent or reckless. Our skilled attorneys are here to provide you with guidance during a critical and sensitive time.

Labor & Employment

Employees should be safe from discrimination and harassment. Unfair labor practices should not go unpunished. Unfair or discriminatory labor practices against employees can occur in a variety of ways, including racial discrimination, sexual harassment, denial of equal pay for equal work, unpaid wages or overtime, and wrongful termination.

Sexual Abuse/ Assault

Sexual abuse and assault change a victim for the rest of their lives.  Not only are there physical reminders, but victims must also deal with the psychological and emotional effects leaving victims in a constant state of fear.  Our attorneys have the experience to ensure clients are able to live their lives knowing their abuser has been properly tried and that they have acquired all compensation that they deserve.

Elder/ Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect

Nursing homes are supposed to be places that an elderly person can go to live their life in comfort. Unfortunately, there are nursing homes that have other motives. Whether it is physical, verbal, or even sexual abuse, we must protect our elderly citizens. That is why Casillas & Associates is here to ensure the health and safety of our older citizens.

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